Collection: Waist Bead Coven

We are happy to introduce our fantastic collection of waist beads. This full collection is comprised of our two previous waist bead collections; with more strands to be included here. Each color has specific meanings and strands can be stacked depending on how many you would like to wear.

Traditional waist beads are worn until they are cut off or fall off* 

*Please Measure your self before ordering so that you can get a strand that fits properly. Also please note that strands move up and down depending on weight loss or gain.  Please add your size in the notes when checking out! 

**Please Follow us on Instagram to see new strands! @Luxryinsilhouette

***Please also note some strands include raw crystals to help you in your manifesting journey. 

****When tying your waist beads please do so infont of a mirror, you may need to move beads forward to get a snug fit. Tie a single knot first like you would when you tie your shoe to see where you want your beads to fall. Remember to push all the beads together so there are no gaps. When you have them at a comfortable place then triple knot your string and cut off the excess above the knots. Remember to move the beads around your waist to cover the knot.****


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